Community & Us
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CEGCO believes in the necessity of integration and communication with the community ,every effort is made to improve quality of life while preserving traditional cultures and values.


 For this purpose CEGCO has allocated  in its budget an amount to be spent annually in this area ,and this translated into participation through several activities and contributions .


These activities could include :

·        Supporting  the Jordanian Societies dealing with children, orphans and poor families and those with special needs.

·        Supporting  local institutions concerned with improving the educational environment .

·        Supporting  the municipalities and provinces .

·        supporting  National Initiatives that contribute to excellence in reducing road accidents, the ideal driver support program.

·        Supporting scientific research and scientific conferences held by the universities and utilities and professional associations .

·        Organizing  a free medical days yearly in one of the provinces with voluntary participation of doctors from the private sector and pharmaceutical warehouses.

·        Supporting  associations concerned with the environment.

·        Supporting cultural national festivals and sporting clubs.

·        Organizing blood campaigns for the benefit of the National Blood Bank.