Renewable Energy
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Renewable energy uses natural resources such as wind, sunlight, tides, and geothermal heat which are naturally replenished.

The following are the most important activities and achievements in the field of new and renewable Energy:

Wind Energy

The Company continued using the wind energy to produce the electric energy from Houfa and Ibrahimiah Power Plants where the amount of sold electric power was (3,25) GWh, which contributed to reduction of production cost of the electric energy in the Company’s stations in amount of (155,015) JD.

Ibrahmia Power Station


Jordan Biogas Company (equally owned by the Central Electricity Generating Company and the Greater Amman Municipality) has continued implementation of its plans and programs of 2016 that aimed to achieve the highest levels of production services of the electric energy and environmental services through extracting the greater possible quantity of the gas resulting from processing of the organic wastes. The company could extract (3661754) cubic meters of Methane in 2016 which contributed to reduction of its emission.
The total hours of operation of operating units in the company were (641997) working hours. The amount of energy generated in 2016 was (3366) MW/H.

Also, the company could, through the Clean Development Mechanism Project, get rid of (100) thousand ton of CO2 in the first phase that lasted from 09/12/2009 to 31/12/2012, and it is intended to get rid from (115) thousand ton in the second phase to
be lasted from 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2017 to benefit from revenues of these carbon emissions under Convention On Climate Change. Noticing that total extracted quantity of Biogas since start up of the project in June 2000 until 31/12/2015 is (77811445) cubic meters, contributed in generating energy in the same period with total amount of (104784) MW/H.