Operation & Maintenance

Central Electricity Generating Company has distinguished expertise in power plants operation and maintenance. It had been considered as a pioneer in power generation in the Jordan, relying on a different technologies for producing energy from thermal power  stations to combined cycle stations and wind turbines. The company has ever since adopted a strategy to depend on its own staff in operation and Maintenance, it carries out maintenance activities depending on the local expertise of the company. It is worth noting that the company has transferred many expertise abroad and to other local companies, who are now occupying leading positions on those companies.


  • Operating power plants efficiently and maintaining highest availability.
  • Carrying out the necessary maintenance activities of all kinds: corrective, preventive and proactive.
  • Providing spare parts for maintenance through a complete warehouse system.
  • Self - reliance on the manufacture and repair of plenty of spare parts through the central workshops and electronic workshop in Aqaba.
  • Implementing a comprehensive quality control system to monitor the water quality and emissions to keep it within Jordanian standards.


  • Experienced staff who can perform various kinds of maintenance.
  • Engineering work shop that can fabricate and repair plenty of spare parts.
  • Chemical labs that can carry out most needed analysis for water, flue gases oil and fuel.


Depending on the various expertise that it has, the Central Electricity Generating Company has agreed with ACWA Power International to take advantage of these expertise in the operation and maintenance of the ACWA Power plants in Jordan. It has signed Operation and maintenance agreements for Zarqa Combined cycle power plant of 485 MW and two Solar Photovoltaic plants of 50 MW each in Mafraq and Risha at Northeast Jordan.