Central Electricity Generating Company Raises Employee Awareness on Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety

Central Electricity Generating Company(CEGCO) has conducted a workshop titled ‘Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety’ - emphasizing efforts toenhance employee awareness and adopt the highest health and safety standards across the board.Organizedin collaboration with Saudi-based ACWA Power, the event took placeon Sunday 3 November atCEGCO’s main offices.

The workshop comprised briefing sessions on CEGCO’s occupational health and safety system -delivered by industrial sector experts specializing in industrial environment and mental wellbeing. Moreover, the eventfeatureda training on ACWA Power’s Synergi Life program in orderto further develop the occupational and environmental health and safety system implemented at CEGCO,inaddition to a discussion aimed at addressing the challenges facing managers and safety heads at plants. 

The workshop was attended by CEGCO CEO, Dr. Moayad Al Samman;CEGCO Executive Managers; ACWA Power Health, Safety and Environment Executive Managers, Omar Al Haddad and Eng. Naif Felemban;as well as managers and occupational health and safety representatives from the Company’s plants. 

Dr. Al Samman concluded the event by granting honorary shields and certificates to both organizers and participants.