Central Electricity Generating Company Holds Honorary Ceremony for its Retirees


Recognizing the distinguished efforts of its employees, Central Electricity Generating Company (CEGCO) has organized a ceremony to honor a number of its retirees, who have completed their employment period in CEGCO’s Amman and Aqaba locations. The event was held in the presence of CEGCO CEO, Dr. Moayad Al Samman, as well as a group of the Company’s executive and station managers.


The ceremony included a speech by Eng. Fouad Al Dalki presented on behalf of the retirees, and another delivered by CEGCO Executive Manager of Human Resources, Ahmad Al Lozi. In his keynote speech, Al Samman welcomed the retirees in attendance, commending their steadfast dedication and hard work throughout their years of service, while emphasizing the importance of remaining in contact in order to benefit from their extensive expertise in current and future projects. The event concluded with the distribution of souvenirs amongst the retirees as tokens of appreciation and gratitude.