Central Electricity Generating Company Honors Employees’ Children on Passing Tawjihi

Amman, October 2017 – Emphasizing its active role in communicating with and supporting its employees by sharing in their special occasions and celebrations, Central Electricity Generating Company (CEGCO) held a ceremony on 2017 in honor of several of its employees’ children, who successfully passed the 2017 General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi). Held at the Company’s main offices on Monday 18 September, attendees included CEGCO CEO, Nadeem Rizvi and other members of the executive management team. Moreover, in acknowledgment of their efforts, CEGCO offered the top ten students scholarships that cover the tuition fees of their studies in public universities, under certain conditions.


During the ceremony, Nadeem Rizvi gave a speech in which he congratulated the students on their success and academic excellence, pointing out the importance of education in enriching several aspects of the community while wishing the students every success in their academic and professional endeavors. He noted that the Company’s commitment to organizing this annual event confirms their continued interest in sharing in their employees’ joyous occasions, in order to build rapport, strengthen the bonds of cooperation and enhance team spirit.

On behalf of her fellow students, Lana Mazen Al-Zumot joined Supervisor Wajih Al-Qaddoumi, who spoke on behalf of the honored students’ parents, in thanking the CEGCO management for organizing the celebration, praising the impact it left on the employees and their children alike. Al-Zumot and Qadoumi also expressed their appreciation for the scholarships CEGCO offered to the top ten students, wishing them continued progress and prosperity. The CEO then concluded the ceremony by handing out gifts and certificates of appreciation to the successful students.