Human Resources
  • CEGCO proudly provides equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, or disability. Further, CEGCO is committed to taking affirmative action to ensure that individuals can pursue employment opportunities with CEGCO in accordance with CEGCO’s commitment to equal employment opportunity.
  • CEGCO is a company where many employees stay for a long time because they like what they are doing, whom they are working with, and where they are going in their careers.
  • CEGCO believes that mutual respect , understanding and good communication with all employees and encourage different ideas and methods and variety of skills helps to provide a rich and creative work environment.
  • CEGCO believes that reward employees on a competitive base and in sync with the company's standards and key performance indicators to measure performance through performance management system and reward outstanding performance .
  • Team work, Integrity, enthusiasm, positive attitude & sustained energy. These are the traits that CEGCO has always looked for and found in its employees. CCGCO supports these qualities with a strong learning and development programs, a challenging work environment, and broad opportunities for advancement.
  • CEGCO individuals know their jobs but are determined to keep expanding their skills and provide them with learning opportunities. They are prepared for change and believe in continuous improvement. They are eager to put forward ideas that will add value to the company's efficiency.
  • CEGCO employees is 332 people in a wide variety of jobs. The diverse workforce includes engineering, technical, & support functions like HR, finance and IT.