Learning and Development

 Learning and development:

The Human Resources Department, in cooperation with the company’s various departments, and the Department of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, aims to raise the efficiency of the company’s staff through the design and implementation of excellence training plans that focus on developing the capabilities of employees and providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills in their work to reach their maximum potential and effective career achievement in line with the company’s objectives .

It also works to enhance the sharing and exchange of knowledge among colleagues and help them keep updated of developments in the work environment, through:

1. Evaluating training needs and preparing the annual training plan for the various departments of the company.

2. Preparing and following up the implementation of training programs within the established needs of each department.

3. Follow up on the results of courses, workshops, and lectures to ensure that the expected results match the achieved results.


The Human Resources Department also seeks to contribute to the service of the local community by providing practical training programs for university students and fresh graduates at the company’s various sites within the scope of its work in order to qualify and increase the efficiency of graduates and university students to supply the Jordanian labor market with qualified engineers who are able to meet the needs of the local and regional labor market.