Contribution of the company to the local community
Social responsibility has always been a cornerstone and core value of CEGCO, which, it takes care to allocate yearly budget and plan to implement a number of effective social programs, policies and initiatives with participate local community. The Company’s efforts are a reflection of its patriotic duty toward uplifting the communities in the vicinity of its stations, strengthening the bonds of social solidarity and driving sustainable social and economic growth in Jordan.

Committed to playing a dynamic role within the community, CEGCO strives to leave a positive, tangible mark on individuals and businesses alike. Contributing to numerous sectors active in the fields of education, social progress, medicine, environment, energy and community empowerment, the Company offers its support to municipalities, schools, associations and sports clubs. In addition to organizing free medical days for the provision of health care, CEGCO supports environmental projects, such as solar energy in mosques, as well many more initiatives, all of which aim to advance the economy, promotes cooperation between the public and private sectors.